Week With My Valentine

I have been rather busy this week. That seems to be the trend as of late. To start, I had a wonderful Valentines Day sitting at home with the Missus. I got her a box of anatomical heart chocolates and she got me a game controller shaped gummy. And damn is that gummy huge. It’s almost the same size as a PS3 controller. After giving each other candy, we had a nice steak dinner and played nearly over seven hours straight of games. Later today, we plan to go out for dinner as a late Valentines outing since usually everywhere is unbearable crowded.

Thursday, the Missus and I went to the Arabian Horse Show. Normally these things aren’t really something I have interest in, especially since the day we went they were only doing pleasure riding and none of the extra fancy stuff. To my surprise, I actually had a lot of fun. Granted I was enjoying the rider’s outfits far more than the horses. Yet, after spending about a half hour by the warm up ring, I got to study the anatomy of the horses and got an idea for a personal piece that I hope to do in the near future. At the end of the day, we stopped in front of some scrap metal sculptures that were amazing. One was a horse that I found incredible due to seeing the muscle structure through the construction and placement of the different pieces. The second and my favorite was a lion that looked like two legs were cybernetic compared to the rest of it’s body. We went home but not after getting a few pictures.

horse show 1horse show 2

Overall, other than the two big events of the week, I have been working on more art for The Devil’s Hourglass. So I think it has been very busy, unfortunately not everything I should be doing is getting done. As of late, I’ve been feeling as if I have neglected the Torso Boy Project. You know, that goal thingy to feel more comfortable in my skin? Well my fitness has lately fallen by the waist side. On the positive, some of my old weights have been uncovered in recent cleaning of the house but that does me no good if I don’t use them. So I’m going to be looking into doing some of my exercise routines and get back to a more comfortable weight.

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