The Struts

Finally, a nice break from the dour frustration the universe has been sending my way. As important as everything I’ve been doing has been, even I need the occasional break to let out a sigh of relief and go deaf to the boom of rock. The Missus got a pair of tickets for her birthday to see The Struts at Pub Rock¬†on Friday, November 13th from my mom. My mom is really awesome like that and can really appreciate good music (where the hell do you think I got it from, eh?). Neither of us had been to Pub Rock before which is always its own adventure as we figure out how well the wheelchair can navigate the venue and where the best available spot is without running over a few toes. Well, I’d like to thank Yvonne and Jason for being incredibly awesome. Just as we were getting settled, Jason walked over and asked if we wanted to get a spot closer to the stage. Thanks to them, we got a wonderful spot right against the stage and it was well worth taking the opportunity.

Opening for The Struts was Andrew Watt. Admittedly, I had never heard of him before but I can easily say I was impressed. All the songs had a force behind them and my eyes were glued to the stage. Yet, I have to say that the classic rock medley that perfectly set the mood for the following band and reminded me of all the old songs I loved and would listen on repeat in my room after school until I was sick of it for the next week and a half. Once the opening act was over, I could already tell the difference in hearing between both of my ears. I was closer to the speakers than I thought and sound my right ear was like being under water. All the same, it was very much worth it.

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Next up was the main act, The Struts. Now, after listening to a few of their tracks for the past couple months, I was already in love with their sound. That amazing blend of Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury that the voice of lead singer, Luke Spiller, reminds me of is easy to get lost in. Now, seeing The Struts in action is a different beast all together. It’s a shame to say that I normally don’t see a similar caliber of stage presence that I witnessed that night in other bands I get to see live. Despite the small stage in a bar, they used it and made it their own. That, mixed with Luke’s multiple shirts, made for a compelling evening. Halfway through the show, as they were performing Where Did She Go, Luke looked right at me, put and arm around me, and kissed me on the forehead. Not something I expected but I couldn’t stop grinning afterword. Lucky me, Yvonne and Jason caught a slight glimpse of it and was kind enough to send me the clip of the moment. It goes by quickly but you can certainly tell it’s me there.

At the end of the evening, we all took a deep breath and took in everything we experienced. As we were leaving, we were stopped by one of the staff at Pub Rock and told to come back with him. To my understanding, we were requested to meet the band but it was hard to hear the man who stopped. All the same, a chance to meet the band that completely blew my mind moments prior? Absolutely, I will happily go for that! Unfortunately, the wheelchair couldn’t fit in the back room so the band come out and we talked for a bit, ending the night with an awesome group photo. I can’t fathom a better end to that night.

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As we got in the car to head home, the Missus said she’s happily see The Struts again and I completely agree. In fact, I’d recommend this band to anyone, especially if you love classic rock. The stage presence alone keeps the energy going and it’s easy to close your eyes and lose yourself in the music. One of my favorite songs is Could Have Been Me which hits me on a personal level and reminds me why I write here as The Torso Boy. A nice reminder to live life, experience everything the world has to offer, and to not slow down for regret. There isn’t enough time to regret past mistakes. I choose to learn from them and move forward, refusing to be afraid. One last thank you to Andrew Watt and The Struts. It was a fantastic show and I can’t wait until next time. Also, another thank you to Yvonne and Jason. The kindness you both showed us meant the world and lead to an incredible evening.


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