The Con Job Redux

It’s only been two weeks since I mentioned my situation with Phoenix ComiCon and their abysmal accessibility statement. I’ll admit that two weeks has seemed like months considering all the planning that occurred before hand on what to do about the matter. On the plus side, it has felt well worth it. Yet it has been fairly exhausting and stressful. It’s always a concern that maybe the problem is just you. I spent months wondering if I was the ass in the room and if my complaints were even justified. Yet as I explored this venture, I have found that there are a lot more struggling with me and I’m not crazy. I must say it’s been quite a relief.

I still thank every one of you who reads every week and more importantly joined me in trying to get this all sorted out. Also, thank you to everyone who spread the word when I did post my letter to PCC. Readers, in short, you are amazing! Now, with that said, I’ve already received a lot more from those I emailed. Understand that when I a say more, I’m referring to more than I expected I’d get when I started. Not even 24 hours after I sent the letter, a representative from the Phoenix Convention Center responded to let me know that they were investigating the issues I had mentioned. Now, some of you may not know that such a quick response in situations like this are rarely seen. I was absolutely floored when I saw the response that was sent shortly after I went to bed that morning.

So the line of communication is officially open, but it doesn’t end there. It was a bit of a wait before I got the second round of e-mails. The director of ComiCon responded to say that he was very grateful for my feedback. Yet, I can’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable with some of what was sent. While he mentioned that he was sorry that they were not able to provide a great experience, he went on to say “The fire alarm and evacuation on Sunday highlighted areas of improvement within our convention and within the convention center as well. It is fortunate you were in the proverbial right place at the right time on Sunday.” Now while I got out in the evacuation, there was no “right” place. I have no intention to read too far into this and it seems like his attempt to apologize and look for some light in a very dark hole, yet there is a lot in this statement that feels wrong and makes me worry that some of my letter was lost in translation.

Despite the concern, I have a receive d further contact for the Convention Center representative. Currently, they are looking to further discuss my experience to better resolve the issues presented. So I am currently waiting for further e-mails from them. I don’t know what all they’ll be asking me, yet I have high hopes that only good can come from this. Only time can really tell where this will take me.

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