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Skull Drug opening for Punk in Drublic in Phoenix, AZ

Skull Drug will be opening for Punk in Drublic with support from FoL on October 21st, 2017. Last night was the punk-off hosted by KUPD’s Go Punk Yourself and Pub Rock Live. Five bands entered and despite the initial intention of one band winning, two bands of our local scene will be opening at Punk in Drublic. Though the winners have been declared, the other bands, Ethan 103, No One Wins, and Perfect Sense, were all amazing and I hope to see them play again soon.

I highly encourage you to come out to the Fear Farm Festival Grounds for NOFX, Bad Religion, Goldfinger, Authority Zero, Guttermouth , and many more for beer tasting and a night of punk rock while supporting our local bands. Here, you can try the new Punk in Drublic beer if you haven’t already and mosh with friends to awesome music. I know I’ll be there as I grew up listening to a lot of these bands before I even knew what punk rock even was. NOFX even has a part in finding my confidence and voice by bringing my attention to Nubs. To finally see NOFX live would certainly be an awesome experience.

So hurry and get your tickets to Punk in Drublic, drink some beer, listen to some good music, take on the pit, and hang with friends. It’s going to be an event that you do not want to miss. Make sure to come early and catch the local openers, especially our friends in Skull Drug. Also, congrats again to the bands who one last night and love to all who played. I hope to see you all at Punk in Drublic and I’ll leave you with the last song of the night, Skull Drug covering “I Love Livin’ in the City.”



Photos and video taken by Pardo Photography

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