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One-Eyed Doll Coming to Club Red

They are One-Eyed Doll, only a drummer and Kimberly. The rock duo of Kimberly Freeman (Guitar) and Jason Rufuss Sewell, A.K.A. “Junior,” (Drums) will be coming back to Arizona at Club Red in Mesa on Halloween night for their Something Wicked World Tour. After the release of Kimberly’s latest album under her name, Secret Lullaby, on July 1st, One-Eyed Doll is taking on the world, sieging places such as Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, Czechia, Austria, and the Netherlands in addition to the United States.

It wasn’t long ago that One-Eyed Doll was at Club Red, opening for Wednesday 13, where they played for the fans of “Phoenix, Halloween.” It was there that I first heard of the duo. As Kimberly attempted to saw my head off with the neck of her guitar and with the creepily endearing song, “Be My Friend,” I knew they were a band I wanted more of. I mean, it’s not every day someone tries to behead you with a guitar. That takes something special.

Joining One-Eyed Doll for the State-side portion of their tour is Doll Skin. Everywhere I look, I see Doll Skin becoming bigger, badder, and all around more awesome. These four girls from Phoenix, Arizona are certainly no stranger to US Tours. Currently finishing up their Shut Up Tour, promoting their latest album, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, that released June 16th, the girls will hopefully get a well-deserved break before packing their gear and touring with One-Eyed Doll on September 27th. If any more proof was required to show how badass these girls are, Doll Skin released a new video for their song, “Puncha Nazi,” in light of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Make sure you catch One-Eyed Doll with Doll Skin and Co-Op at Club Red in Mesa Arizona on October 31st, 2017. Doors are listed to open at 5pm. Get your tickets here or VIP passes here.


Photos taken from One-Eyed Doll’s Facebook Page.

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