Odd Hours

‘Allo all you Kool Kats and belly crawlers! You’re listening to TRSO Radio where the music in our head is turned up to eleven and the world can’t touch you. The shirt of the day is Stone Sour. So if you’ve got yourself a band tee of any kind, make sure to rock it like there is no tomorrow. Conveniently, in current events, it’s the end of the world and I feel fantastic! Now lets bring it over to Tom with… the weather.

Sorry for the false alarm, there is not a scheduled apocalypse this week. Though I have always wanted to put the radio voice to use. Sadly it’s in text form so you have to pretend really hard, ok? So now that’s out of the way, lets get back to your regularly scheduled madness. It’s Saturday again and I can’t sleep. Well at least not after the four hours I did get. I do this sometimes. I’ll get poor seven to eight hour rest for a week then get barely any and end up feeling alert and a bit… strange. Not to say I don’t always feel strange. I mean how can you not be strange? It is moments like this that I want to record video but know the feeling will be gone by the time the camera starts rolling so to speak. Yet the Summer Madness is coming to a close and thus maybe I’m due for some crazy.

Why Summer Madness? Well ever since July, we’ve been holding a party at least once a month and our Canadian fell from the hat and stayed with us for a few weeks. She has since climbed back up and sits safely in the hat again. Yet, this was not without some adventure. While we had planned to run about and see many of what the desert had to offer, it ended up being a rather relaxed trip. Most of which was the Canadian viewing the Missus in her professional habitat. Yet we revisited a favorite from the trip made last year and fun was had all around.

The most notable for me was our trip to the water park. While it may be the least torso friendly, I never fail to enjoy myself in some capacity. This normally includes my favored pastime of people watching. While I’m fully aware that this could sound a bit creepy, it stems from people observing me for years. So why not observe back? It’s only fair. I participated in the wave pool and the “river” which is a small track in which you ride a tube around. This was also during the park’s late night movie so there was less concern of my dreaded enemy, the sun.

I only call the sun my enemy because when I was ten or eleven, I went swimming for four hours in the malicious desert sun and left with serious sunburn to the point of my back being covered in blisters. A lot of that is a bit fuzzy in my memory due to the pain, painkillers, and the fact that this was nearly fifteen years ago. Since I tend to be rather vulnerable in the sun, I have tried to make it a habit to only swim at night. I like the dark better so I guess there is some favoritism.

Yet, the time we went meant less crowd and thus less awkwardness in my swim shorts. It may not help that I could very possibly tan in the moonlight. Still, I didn’t get as much attention from the children that were there and that is always a good thing in my book. So over all the water park excursion was a success. There was water, there was fun, I watched people while waiting for my party to experience one of the slides, and the people watched me because… well… they do that, I don’t know!

Later in the trip we also got to check out the art museum and their “art of video games” exhibit. I put that in quotes because the only art that was present was some concept art for World of Warcraft and everything else was the gaming consoles over the years and some of their iconic games. While this was still very cool, I found more “art” throughout the museum than the gaming exhibit. This doesn’t mean there was not a huge amount of geeking out. I saw classics fro my childhood that none of my friends could even understand. I’m talking the Commodore 64. That’s right, my first gaming system was a C64. There were systems even older than that but it was a full history of console gaming thrown into one room.

There was still a bit of disappointment as the biggest displays were for games I fully despised. Yet they were the most popular and even if I’m no longer addicted to Warcrack, seeing the original concept art was amazing. I can’t say that with enough emphasis. AMAZING! Yeah, that’ll do. I’ve always wanted to have my art lead me into gaming and while I don’t see that happening, I can’t help but be in awe of those who have had their art gently waft into the gaming industry. It is an incredible achievement and it’s one of the reasons I’m a gamer.

Still, the adventure had to end. They always do and for good purpose. How can you have a new adventure if the current one won’t end? I have obtained a higher grade camera again so I can play with photography again and the Canadian bought the Missus’ old camera and the Missus bought a newer, better camera with the money. This will hopefully mean we’ll take photos together again. Sadly we are stuck waiting on the camera to ship, but good things come to the virtuous or something like that. I hope you have managed to endure my bit of madness as my sleep or lack of such has left me odd. So see you next week on TRSO Radio! Be there or be weird.

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