Matsuri 2014

I would sing for the rain to go away if I didn’t love it so much. It’s been raining all morning for me and it’s been wonderful. Granted, it has also made myself and the Missus rather achy this week, but I think that’s a small price to pay for rain in the desert. While the ache made things interesting this week, we still had a blast at Matsuri.

We had initially planned to go to Matsuri with the folks but unfortunately they couldn’t go. Still we went and honestly we had some doubts about going. We had been a few times before and while it can be fun, there is usually the same stuff every year. So we wandered around a bit and it turns out that there was supposed to be a doll meet later that evening. Usually I stay away from these things but I brought a doll and the Missus had two of hers. So I guess it was kind of a “why not?” situation.

So we went to the meet and while it was small, it was filled with local doll owners that I already knew and got along well with. A few more people showed up later, but we all happily chatted and exchanged stories along with discussion of future meets. Now, normally I wouldn’t go to the meet ups because a few years ago we went to our first meet and got shunned. I got countless disgusted looks and afterword when I got up the courage to jump on the forum and express my disappointment, the same people who gave those looks told me that they would have said hi. Obviously they had little to no connection between me on the forum and me in person. Yet this meet up was amazing. It completely changed my opinion of doll meets and I’d love to go again.

Afterword, we went to see the Candy Man, who does Amezaiku or candy sculpting. We had requested and paid for a piece earlier in the day. While it took us a while, we waited and watched him sculpt out fox.


While it wasn’t exactly what we asked for (we requested 2 foxes intermingled) it was still awesome to have a piece made just for you and get to take it home. Overall a wonderful time and I’m excited for next year.

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