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The Iris Is Dead, Long Live the End Party!

Before we can mourn the death of the Iris, the End Party has risen from their ashes. Yesterday, Brandon Dooley (Vocals) announced the passing of his previous band and the arrival of the End Party on Facebook with, “The Iris is dead. Long live the End Party!” When I first saw the announcement, I was a little worried for the worst. So, I took some time to talk with Brandon about what’s to come.

Torso Boy: Hey, you mind me asking what happened with the Iris?

Brandon Dooley: Not at all! The lineup had been through so many changes over the years…  After the trailer theft and losing our bass player to a swanky Silicon Valley tech gig, Bryan and I began discussing a fresh start as a two piece. The name just didn’t feel right anymore.

TB: Fair enough. Will you two still be playing Iris songs or moving on to something new entirely?

BD: Certain Iris songs will definitely be in the mix for the foreseeable future.

TB: Cool. I enjoy listening to your songs recorded but live is so much better. Any chance the End Party has an upcoming show or new music on the way?

BD: No shows currently. Shooting for something, possibly in the Fall.

I look forward to seeing what will come from the End Party. Though Fall may not be too far away, we do have a taste to tide us over in the meantime. The End Party has released their first song on YouTube and iTunes, “I Just Melt.”

Upon my first listening of the new single, it is everything I love about the Iris and more. With Bryan Upton (Drums) continuing with Brandon, I know they will be awesome! I will be keeping an eye out for any new releases from the End Party and look forward to their first show in this new venture, whenever that may be.


Photo by Lear Mason

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