Good News Everyone!

Allow me to put away my coke bottle glasses and lab coat to tell you that my wheelchair has been ordered as of yesterday. That’s right, after over a year of work, four counselors, three doctors, and two mobility equipment providers, I’m finally getting to see the light at the end of the tunnel just to achieve my one major goal of returning to school to start the long road for a sustainable career. That isn’t to say there aren’t many more hurdles I still need to overcome to get there but without this wheelchair but it’s something I can work with. Now, I’m certain there are still many ways things could go wrong lurking around every corner but I’m taking every little win I get to keep moving forward. Either way, I’m still incredibly happy that things are happening and I’m still surprised with everything that I should be getting with this wheelchair.

Aside from the basic modifications needed to keep with Voc Rehab’s plans to integrate a computer with the wheelchair such as the bluetooth capable controller and added power pack with USBs to help power and sustain said computer, there are a few other bonuses that have been included in the order. First off, this will be coming with full rubber tires because it’s practically a necessity for me. I don’t even remember the last time I had air tires. Next includes height and tilt adjustment for the wheelchair. Thus, I should hopefully have less of an issue with something being too tall or out of reach. Now, I’m not entirely sure of the practical benefits of the tilt yet but it’ll be nice for reclining if anything and it’s better to be safe than sorry when I encounter the one thing that could have been solved or made easier with a tilt function. Finally, I will be getting a custom cushion due to comfort and further stability in the wheelchair. The cushion is usually pretty standard for me and it’s saved me from falling out of my wheelchair more times than I’d like to admit just due to its contour (though I’ve still had my fair share of nasty spills).

Even as I write this, I can’t believe that it’s finally happening. Oh, I nearly forgot the best part about all this. In the past, I’ve been told that I should be getting the chair in one to two months but in my last correspondence with the equipment provider, I should be seeing this beast in the next couple weeks. The only potential hold up is the cushion but I’ve been told that if that does become the case, they will give me a loaner until the actual one arrives. It feels so great to have everything I’ve done to this point pay off. I guess I’m going to need to start figuring out my classes for college.

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