Chatting With PIG

As the old adage goes: never meet your heroes. As I discovered with PIG and Raymond Watts, that is certainly not always the case. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect as I steeled myself for the interview. Certainly, there is a level of intimidation that strikes the nerves. As I waited while Raymond met his fans, I was relocated again and again as to not give the impression of privileged treatment above those who paid for it. Each time I moved, I ran over the questions, attempted to plan ahead, and resigned to let it transpire however it may. When it came time, I shook Raymond’s hand and let him choose where was best for the interview to his comfort. I found myself at the mercy of the lineup of PIG: Raymond Watts, Guenter Schulz, Z. Marr, and Galen Waling, excluding only En Esch.

Once the recording was over, PIG, the Missus, and I had a few laughs before giving our final thank-yous and good-byes. Raymond highly recommended we hurry out and catch Ghostfeeder who just started. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with the Lord of Lard and PIG’s present lineup. Raymond Watts, Guenter Schulz, Z. Marr, and Galen Waling were all kind gentlemen that further proves something I’ve known to be true for years. Often the minds behind some of the hardest, most shocking music, are the kindest and most eloquent people you can meet. I would be elated to see PIG back in Arizona. As for being scolded by Raymond for not getting to listen to Prey & Obey yet, I’ve been listening to it frequently without the need for the Missus to hold me down and cram it in my ears. Moving forward, I won’t hold my breath, but I am enthralled to see what PIG will release next.


All photos are taken by Pardo Photography.

Written in tandem with Soundwave Brigade.

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