Candid Camera?

I be the Torso Boy invading your internets! No, really, I’ve been finding myself popping up in random places on YouTube. It’s not that I’ve been completely oblivious to people filming, it’s finding the video sometime later and thinking “Dude! That guy has no arms!” Yeah, I really do that. It’s easy when the material writes itself.

I know I’m on YouTube already because… well… I put myself there in an attempt to start this real life internet experience. Yet, these aren’t my videos These are put up by random people who happened by. What a crazy random happenstance, right? I jumped into this thing thinking how I’d do stuff, people might pay attention, and that’s about it. Yet, every so often I get feedback. I get the occasional response about how my life must be tough and even some internet folk I idolize have voiced how they’d just curl up in their bed and cry if they were me. I’m flattered but I’m still not sure how to respond to that. It’s awesome but very confusing as I’ve never received this level of attention. Yet in the end it’s refreshing to find that I come off as approachable. Still, to see myself in someone’s YouTube video adds to that amazed disbelief. Lets cut to an example.

This was back at the Phoenix ComiCon 2013 panic. If you were there and thought that was interesting, you should have hung around Nichelle Nichols and escaped via the loading dock. Now that was an adventure! A few minutes in you’ll see that a random Torso Boy has appeared with the Missus. Not exactly the ideal situation to be caught on camera, but it was still entertaining to me at least. Now Thursday night, Friday morning I was made aware of another video. It wasn’t mentioned that you could see me but I looked and with the help of others, found myself with the Missus and the Folks. It was during the Mindless Self Indulgence concert and Jimmy started “Seven-Eleven” and recorded the audience and some of the band with himself, of course. You can barely see me in the very back and far to the left. If you see the tall guy and the lady with nearly white/silver hair, the Missus and I are just a little farther left.

That practically sums up the more amazing parts of my adventures this week. I’ve been busy trying to crank out art as fast as I can and I’m still trying to make the deadline for the Loot Crate June Contest. I find every time I open my painting and start to work, there is another geeky gamer thing I need to add. I won’t tell what has been added as I hope that people will try and find everything on their own. Yet I’d like to think there is a little something for everyone new and old, geek and gamer. While June may be over and all the party prep is over, August is coming up and that means another party and an inbound Canadian. So everything is still very busy.


  • vicki mieth

    July 14, 2013 at 11:46 am

    I do love catching up with my “other” Sean 🙂 … but I’m a little concerned that folk would just take pics/video of anyone and post them online… I mean, that is actually illegal (even the news folk have to *attempt* to get a photographic release from folks, or they have to digitize you into blurryness).

    Love ya!

  • kim

    December 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    The video of the Phoenix ComiCon evacuation still fills me with dread. I see where you evacuate to – a loading dock a few feet raised up from the main floor of the parking area. Then I see that all are routed to stairs. I am so glad that you found help to get out of there.

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